We’ve established a range of resources to help government and businesses to work better together.

The B4B Research Monitor, running since 2014, is a biannual survey of 2,000 NZ businesses. The Research Monitor provides a unique system-wide view of the business experience of government (both local and central), and provides insight into the world of government from a business’ perspective. It is the only research of this type in New Zealand. The B4B Research Monitor is currently being leveraged to help understand and identify the support businesses require as they transition through the impacts of COVID-19 and into economic recovery.

To provide additional insight, B4B has established an evidence-based Business Segmentation framework that combines robust data with in-depth interviews. 8 unique business segments have been identified, which have very distinctive needs. These are now tracked as part of our B4B research monitor.

Key reports include:

  • Biannual B4B Business Research Monitor
  • Business Segmentation Framework
  • Covid-19 Business Health Research
  • Covid-19 Business Sentiment Analysis

If you would like a copy of our reports, please contact us at