Digital Boost Evaluation Research

Government has a vision for New Zealand to have the most digitally engaged small business sector in the world. We want to support more small business owners to digitally transform their operating models, not only through the adoption of digital hardware and software, but through process changes, new skills and capabilities, access to capital and having deeper insight into their business through data.

To support this vision, MBIE launched the small business Digital Boost programme at the end of 2020. It was designed in partnership with industry experts to ensure it meets the needs of Kiwi small business owners, and MBIE continues to work closely with small business owners and the private sector on the delivery of the programme.

Digital Boost has now been running for just over 18 months. Some businesses have had the benefit of involvement for this entire time; others have still be joining throughout. This summary report provides an overview of some of the key findings and learnings in advance of deeper analysis to support the continued evolution of the Digital Boost programme.

Digital Boost Evaluation Research, August 2022

The latest Digital Boost independent evaluation full report results is now available. The research demonstrates the value that small businesses are receiving from the Digital Boost programme. Key statistics of note include:

  • 79% of users would recommend the platform to a business acquaintance.
  • 89% of Digital Boost users intend to continue using the platform.
  • 23% of all businesses report improved revenue after using Digital Boost, for those who engage weekly with the platform, this lifts to 39% of businesses.
  • 80% of Digital Boost businesses now have a website.

Digital Boost Evaluation Research - August 2022 [PDF, 1.5 MB]